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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Just released from Thistle Dew Publications: "Ernest and Gertrude".
A new play by Paul Hauck and Thomas M. Kelly.
To purchase a copy please contact Tom at

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Comments on the politics of the times

Political Action 


A series of -ten+ minute plays 
by Thomas M. Kelly & Seamus O'Shea.
Comments on the politics of the times: in theatrical format.

WHAMor: Wobble Head Assemblage & Marketing Creator and Lord of the world of Political Wobble Heads®™, Barack ObamaPaul Ryan (where ever Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan wobble they wobble backward or side to side weaving and bobbing), Bill Clinton, Beebee Netanyahu, Bella Abzug, JFK, FDR, LBJ, HST, Sir Winston, Teddy Roosevelt, Sarah Palin, Hilary Clinton, Harry Reid, 
Joe Biden
Karl Rove, Anne Romney, Claire McCaskill, Clint Eastwood, Todd Akin. Gabriel Gomez, John Soltz, Rudy Giuliani, Stephanie Cutter, John Bolton, Reince Priebus, Jim DeMint, Bill Kristol, Donald Rumsfeld,  Dickie Cheeeney, John Huntsman,  Liz Cheeeney, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. (Any such as the establishment so chooses.)

Wobble Head Rules:
Wobble Heads have labels "Made in China" on their backside.
Wobble Heads do not walk, they wobble side to side, and turn in place by wobbling.
Only the head on all models of the Wobble Head moves.  The arms and legs are rigidly placed by their sides.
Mitt Romney
Wobble Heads are created by The Wobble Head Assemblage and Marketing, "WHAM" or "WHAMor" for short and staff of Wobble Head makers.
On a storage shelf labeled "Wobble Heads: Old and New" in the Wobble Head Warehouse Outlet.
No more than five actors on stage at one time.  All other Wobble Heads do not speak unless spoken to.

Paul Ryan
My plays are available for production. Without the permission of Thomas M. Kelly, in writing, no performance of his play(s) may be produced, performed or read, before an Audience, whether an admission fee is charged or not. A royalty fee must be paid, in advance, for every performance. Royalty fees, for amateur productions, are listed with each play. Professional productions must receive a Professional Royalty Quote from Thomas M. Kelly.  or  . 

Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle edition 
ISBN-13: 978-1480055094 


or on my blog

Monday, December 10, 2012

Shorts & Shorters:  A collage of Monologues and Plays By Thomas M. Kelly
For an evening of entertainment.

Volume I 
Another Day In The Park
King of Soft
Alama Had a Baby
Be a Villain
The Man Had a Name
War is a Racket!
The Essence of Time
“Hello kids!”
The Purple Chair
The Red Notebook

Publisher: Thistle Dew Publishing
Available in paperback and Kindle edition on Amazon.


Shorts and Shorters:  A collage of Monologues and Plays By Thomas M. Kelly
For an evening of entertainment. 

Volume II 
Too Late to Waken
Garage Sale
I Heard That!

Publisher: Thistle Dew Publishing
Available in paperback and Kindle edition on Amazon.

ISBN-13: 978-1475054415

Extreme Unction
A play within a play by Thomas M. Kelly © 2006.

As part of the rehearsal process, the director, David/Danyha Khaliq, holds table talk sessions with a reading of the playwright’s notes, and partial readings of the play coupled with a bit of blocking to ‘flesh-out’ the characters and discover the strength of his actors. The actors switch roles through the table talk and four of the blocked readings. During this process he realizes more than he bargained for in the revelation of prejudice, avarice, discrimination, intolerance and bigotry: perfect for the requirements of the playwright, himself.  By the end of the play the group of disparate actors becomes a tightly knit, cohesive assemblage: an ensemble.

Available in paperback and Kindle edition on Amazon.

Fanaticism today, is not a nice word

A play by Thomas M. Kelly  © 2003.

Six Palestinian murder/suicide bombers have targeted a Tel-Aviv Culture Center.  In the four-story complex each bomber is assigned a floor to detonate himself, with the exception of the theater, which has two assigned bombers. 
 They are to explode in rapid succession for maximum effect: to bring the building down on the hundreds of gallery visitors, planetarium viewers, and the theater audience.  The explosions take place as planned except for one.  In the lower level, ten meters below street level only one of the bombers exploded as planned.  The sixth bomber fails to explode.  The bomber is instead trapped beneath the rubble and bodies of the victims.  Another survivor, a guard, (a black Jew reservist, a member of the Israel Defense Force), who, as a civilian is a Tel-Aviv University professor (of the Diaspora: the flight of the Jews and the Palestinians), finds the surviving bomber (unknown to him as a bomber).  The guard’s father is Jewish.  His mother is Muslim.  A third survivor is a playwright from India.  She is Hindu.  The three survivors in the lower level, the theater, spend their waiting hours justifying their lives and religions: one very honestly, the other deceitfully.  In a mental duel the three argue the rationale of murder/suicide bombings using the Qur’an and the Torah as authority.  The guard reveals that he is a ‘refusnik’ (a member of the IDF who has refused to participate in the defense of Israel, arguing that he cannot in good conscience, humiliate, harass and violate the dignity of the Palestinians).  For his conscientious position he is jailed, then placed on guard duty at the Center. The story fades to an interview at the newly decorated and furnished home of the suicide bomber, where his mother has revealed to the public that she has condoned and encouraged her son’s martyrdom.  Videotape made by a clandestine television station based in Lebanon reveals the preparations of her son’s martyrdom.  (A public relations piece for the cause of Allah.)  Two diverse, but surprisingly similar, religions are placed in a situation that has an ending that foretells the outcome of the centuries of wars caused by men trying to prove that their god is the right god.  Did anyone ever ask god?  The story ends with the martyr revealing his identity, the final collapse of the building, causing the subsequent remaining explosion, and fade to the Independent News Corporation (a IBC type news organization) broadcast viewed in the home of the mother.

Available in paperback and Kindle edition on Amazon.
ISBN-13: 978-1480044364

and smile,
and be a villain.”*
A dramatic play by Thomas M. Kelly © 2008.

*William Shakespeare:  Hamlet Prince of Denmark (Hamlet at I, v)

"My tables,--meet it as I set it down,
That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain.
O villain, villain, smiling, damned villain!"

Phil, a journalist turned novelist, turned playwright, turned near-do-well wanna-be stand-up comedian, agrees to take a comedy gig in Atlanta, Georgia, which gives Luci, his wife, a chance to visit her high school friend, Sara, and her husband of four years, Jerry.  They have arrived by train from New York City and will return via the sleeper train Sunday.  Upon their arrival Phil realizes that Sara is a ‘goldmine’ of material for his act.  He antagonizes and engages Sara in what appears to be playful confrontations, but all the while he is stirring the pot to gather material: until the situation turns dangerous.  Luci, an attorney with a successful family law practice in N. Y., discovers that Sara is trying to convince her to advise her and to take her case involving her legal fight with her former husband over the custody of their two boys, Jonah (7) and Elijah (5).  However, with Sara’s undiagnosed borderline personality disorder, which includes obnoxious attitude of superiority, narcissism, histrionics, fear of abandonment, and threatened suicides, she continues to create heated confrontations with the people whom she loves and needs.  Sara will not admit that she has a mental problem.  She abuses her credit accounts.  She has a history of drug and alcohol abuse.  She moves from one job to another (usually fired) to avoid process servers.  Jerry immerses himself in his computer programming company, refusing to participate in decision-making regarding their marriage, their lifestyle, and the maintenance of their house.  Luci refuses to help Sara.  Sara, in an effort to call attention to herself and get her way, takes the children in a contrived attempt to move out of state.  The end result is that when she feels she has lost control of the situation, she terrorizes and beats the children, and uses her husband’s pistol to finally commit the oft-threatened suicide.  Using Sara as the source of his material, Phil has revealed that he is also a borderline personality, but of a different sort.

Available in paperback and Kindle edition on Amazon.
ISBN-13: 978-1480054998